The Rainbow Program

Supporting Programs / By the Zijiang Staff and For the Zijiang Staff

The Rainbow Program is a charity program initiated and sponsored by Zijiang Foundation and organized and implemented by Zijiang Group and its subsidiaries to take care of and help out those members of Zijiang in the middle of a crisis or distress and foster solidarity and fraternity among the staff. Members of the program who are impoverished by major diseases or unexpected disasters, among other causes, may receive financial aid.



This time 8 employees have been funded! The fifth anniversary of "Rainbow Project"

On the afternoon of January 6, the 12th meeting of the "Rainbow Project" Review Committee of Zijiang Foundation was held to finalize the list and amount of grantees in the first half of 2022. A total of 8 employees and their family members received funding from the "Rainbow Plan" this time. They came from 5 companies including Zijiang Enterprise Co., Ltd. Nanjing Branch, Zijiang Color Printing, Ziquan Packaging, Zijiang New Materials and Zidong Nylon. They became the twelfth batch of recipients of the "Rainbow Project" and received a total of 150,000 yuan in financial aid due to serious injuries and illnesses suffered by themselves or their immediate family members.

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