Socially Responsible Investment Special Fund

Special Fund / Shanghai Advanced Institute of Finance, Shanghai Jiao Tong University

In order to further promote the discipline construction and talent training in the field of socially responsible investment, the Shanghai Zijiang Foundation donated RMB 5 million to the Shanghai Jiaotong University Advanced School of Finance to support the establishment of a socially responsible investment research laboratory. It is hoped that a bridge of communication and cooperation between the public welfare industry and the financial industry will be built, and the two parties will work together to make greater contributions to the development of China's public welfare undertakings.



Research Results | Investigation on the status quo and future planning of ESG work of high-tech enterprises in Zizhu High-tech Zone

Through the research on enterprises in Shanghai Zizhu National High-tech Industrial Development Zone, we will explore the current status of ESG development and the future growth path, and hope to call on more enterprises to understand ESG, pay attention to ESG, and practice ESG, so as to contribute to the sustainable development of the country in the future. Road contribution. "

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