Warm Winter: Rainbow Project 8th Financial Support Newsletter

On January 9, Zijiang Foundation sent the first half subsidy of rainbow project to five needy employees. They are respectively from five companies: Zidong Nylon Material, Zijiang Color Printing, DIC Ink, Wuhan Zihai Plastic, Foshan Gaoming Branch of Zijiang Enterprise Co., Ltd. They became the eighth group of recipients of the rainbow project and received a total of 100000 yuan in this warm winter.

Life is impermanent. With everyone’s help, we could impermanent life warmer. Since its official operation in October 2016, Zijiang rainbow project has attracted the attention and support of Zijiang people. By the end of 2019, 868000 yuan has been granted, including 661981.85 yuan as donation and 468262.70 yuan as contribution from the foundation. 45 people have been supported by enterprises from 15 local unions. 2468 people and 43 teams participated in donation. On September 22, a total of 254659.17 yuan was raised for the 20th anniversary of Zijiang enterprise "rainbow market charity sale". Here we sincerely thank the warm and loving of Zijiang people!

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