Annual Review of Zijiang Foundation in 2019

Dear friends, happy New Year!

2020 is coming. On behalf of Zijiang Foundation, I would like to extend new year's greetings to all of you, and wish you all a happy and healthy family! At the same time, I would like to express my sincere thanks to the friends to whom care about and support the development of Zijiang!

Trials and hardships, we have gone through an extraordinary 2019 together. Looking around the world, we are facing a great change that hasn't happened in a century. As a responsible country, China has taken on more and more important tasks of promoting global common development. We are pleased to find that more and more enterprises joining in the field of philanthropy  and charity and market behavior helping social welfare are constantly emerging.

In the face of the uncertainty of the external environment, we continue to uphold the values of "integrity, pragmatism, innovation, and sustainability". We are not only gingerly, but also take the initiative to develop with high quality.

Zijiang philanthropy education and talent training forum


In 2019, the Zijiang philanthropy Research Institute of East China Normal University successfully held the third Zijiang philanthropy education and talent training forum. The theme of the forum is " Sollen und Sein -- an innovative exploration of philanthropy education in Universities ". Many experts and scholars concerned about philanthropy education are invited to share the experience and precipitation in the practice of philanthropy education, discuss the innovation and development of philanthropy talents training, and bring new ideas and inspiration to China's philanthropy education. The theme of this forum focuses on the hot spots in the industry, which has aroused wide discussion and the attention of major media. China Youth Network, global network, which was reported by Chinanet and many other media.


At the beginning of 2017, ECN University Zijiang Center of Philanthropy opened a relatively systematic training course for philanthropy talents. By October 2019, nearly 800 people had participated in the course. The development of the center and the exploration of talent training in the school are advancing simultaneously, which makes philanthropy education a fine tradition of East China Normal University.


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Ted × ZizhuPark community volunteer project


In 2019, the annual ceremony of Ted × ZizhuPark community volunteer project jointly sponsored by Zijiang Foundation and Zizhu 5 Youth Public Welfare Development Service Center was held in GCN, Zizhu National high tech Park. The theme of this conference is "bold + brilliant". From the perspective of improving the corporate social responsibility of Zizhu National high tech Park, the conference focuses on exploring the bright spots of women's bravery and advocates social concern and care for women. The conference invited 11 explorers and innovators with great ideals in different fields to share their stories of "dare to shine" in their respective dimensions. Two of them came from enterprises settled in Zizhu high tech Zone, namely Chen Liping, co-founder of Weber intelligence, and Zhang Yimei, co-founder of Yunna technology.

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Rainbow Project

In 2019, with the continuous and enthusiastic donation of Zijiang's management and employees, rainbow project has gathered love and strength and helped more and more employees in need. In September, Zijiang enterprise meticulously prepared the charity sale activity of "love in heart knitting rainbow" for a long time and raised 254659.17 yuan in total. Auction items are donated by employees themselves or specially designed and produced for the event, including calligraphy, calligraphy and painting, all kinds of daily necessities, souvenirs, creative logo design, etc., which are full of creativity.


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China Foundation Development Forum



In 2019, we are honored to be elected chairman of China Foundation Development Forum in 2020. The China Foundation Development Forum is an important platform for industry exchanges initiated by foundations that are willing to pursue institutional excellence and industry development. After 11 years of development, the foundation forum has become one of the most dynamic and influential famous brands in the public welfare industry. Since joining the Organizing Committee in 2016, Zijiang Foundation has established friendly cooperative relations. 2020 is the fifth anniversary of the establishment of Zijiang Foundation and the twelfth year of the establishment of China Foundation Development Forum. This year is a crucial year for both sides. As the new president, we will make our own contribution to the sustainable construction of China foundation industry ecosystem on the basis of previous cooperation.

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In 2019, We have seen our own growth and transformation in the exploration and innovation time after time, and we have seen the responsibilities and actions given by the times. Without your support, it's hard to do well. Thank you for your care this year.

In the coming 2020, we will continue to work together, and we will work harder to create more beautiful together with you!

Zijiang public welfare is worth your more expectation!


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