This time 8 employees have been funded! The fifth anniversary of "Rainbow Project"

On the afternoon of January 6, the 12th meeting of the "Rainbow Project" Review Committee of Zijiang Foundation was held to finalize the list and amount of grantees in the first half of 2022. A total of 8 employees and their family members received funding from the "Rainbow Plan" this time. They came from 5 companies including Zijiang Enterprise Co., Ltd. Nanjing Branch, Zijiang Color Printing, Ziquan Packaging, Zijiang New Materials and Zidong Nylon. They became the twelfth batch of recipients of the "Rainbow Project" and received a total of 150,000 yuan in financial aid due to serious injuries and illnesses suffered by themselves or their immediate family members.

Now, "Rainbow Project" is also 5 years old!

Since its official operation in October 2016, a total of 1,326,000 yuan of subsidy has been issued, a total of 70 people from 17 Zijiang enterprises have been assisted, and 70 warm stories have been written with heart.


In October 2020, a Zijiang employee with 17 years of experience found a tumor during a routine physical examination. The pathology report after the operation still showed seriousness, and the operation was performed again. Because her husband is not in good health, her son is about to take the college entrance examination, and she needs to take medicine for a long time. The high cost of treatment and family expenses have suddenly increased the pressure of life. After the labor union of the employee's company fully understood the situation, it assisted her to apply for the rainbow subsidy in time to help her get through the difficult times. Reassuringly, she is stable after surgery and has returned to work.

In the story, although they suffered accidents or serious illnesses, they had many bright spots in their work. Some were rated as outstanding employees for their excellent performance, and some were recommended by the company to participate in continuing education to obtain a college degree; some have been conscientious and hard-working in Zijiang for more than 20 years. They do not have gorgeous language and amazing feats, but they interpret the spirit of Zijiang people with practical actions in ordinary positions.

"Rainbow Project" also uses ordinary persistence to convey warmth and strength in silent protection. The trade union of the enterprise attaches great importance to the application. On the one hand, it actively cares about the situation of the employees in difficulty and their family environment, assists the employees to apply, and on the other hand, they do a good job in the collection of materials and background verification. The reviewers of the "Rainbow Project" have a high sense of responsibility, repeatedly reviewing and fully discussing the materials, and strictly control the review, hoping to convey Zijiang's care to the employees who need it most. Once the list is confirmed, the staff of the public welfare foundation will directly remit the funds to the recipients in the shortest possible time to solve their urgent needs.

5 years is the beginning, and 5 years is also a new starting point. Over the past five years, the "Rainbow Project" has attracted the attention and support of the majority of Zijiang people, with a total of 2,537 person-times and 43 teams participating in donations. Last year, the foundation launched the “Dream Realization Program” to provide financial assistance to the children of financially disadvantaged employees to complete their university studies. The Zijiang Foundation hopes to continue the love, bring warmth and hope to the employees who encounter difficulties at the moment, and help more Zijiang employee families to build their dreams for the

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