Course News丨The 2021 Shanghai Zijiang Foundation Autumn Course "Social Public Welfare Case Analysis" successfully concluded!

On December 14, 2021, the autumn course "Case Analysis of Social Welfare" of Zijiang Charity Center of East China Normal University was successfully concluded.

"Case Analysis of Social Welfare" was lectured by Dr. Xue Hong from the School of Social Development. In July 2021, this course will be awarded the Municipal Key Course (Practice Class) of Shanghai Universities. The course revolves around the theme of social welfare, and mainly discusses the development of public welfare and charity, non-profit organizations, and social welfare in China. It also introduces the methods of public welfare, and analyzes the spirit and behavior of volunteers.

One of the teaching features of this course is "inviting public welfare people into the classroom". This semester course organized four wonderful guest sharing sessions, namely, the founder and director of the Gumei Renpin Community Service Center for the Disabled in Minhang District, Shanghai shared "Renpin for the Disabled: From Freedom and Accessibility to Digital Empowerment for Visually Impaired Youth", Shanghai Yao Hao, a resident psychiatrist at the Municipal Mental Health Center and the founder of "Xinsheng Public Welfare", shared "Xinsheng Public Welfare: What We Can Contribute to Mental Health". Evaluation”, and Coca-Cola Greater China and Mongolia Sustainable Development and Social Impact Manager shared “What You Need to Know When It Comes to Sustainable Development”. Each guest sharing session showed the students different professional backgrounds and social welfare activities in different fields, and brought new thinking and action models to the students to participate in public welfare actions.

At the practical level, the course encourages students to combine "knowledge" and "practice", to discover public welfare activities around them and to participate in them personally. Every student who takes the course needs to complete at least one volunteer service, and also conduct a public welfare project design or social investigation in a group.

At 6:00 pm on December 14th, each project team of "Social Public Welfare Case Analysis" conducted a report on the practice of public welfare projects. In the practice of the course students, there are not only sending warmth to campus workers, paying attention to community support in intimate relationships, but also caring activities focusing on the rights and interests of small animals on campus. There is a sports meeting for children in urban villages. Enter the visually impaired non-profit organization to understand the survey report of volunteer groups.


Each of the 7 practice groups of the course selected a team member, a total of 7 students, to form a review team to score the projects of each group, mainly from the three aspects of project content, expressiveness and question response.


The Qishan Group paid close attention to the campus cafeteria workers and held the "Salute to Labor You and I Walk Together-Canteen Workers' Forum and Fellowship". We meet the canteen aunts every day, but actually know very little about them. Therefore, the Qishan team focused on the canteen workers. Through preliminary research, the team members found that many canteen workers left their hometowns and came to Shanghai work, so I hope to understand and appreciate the hard work of canteen workers through the form of dumpling-making activities, let canteen workers share and listen to each other's experience in Hupiao, and draw closer the friendship between students and canteen workers, and win prizes by playing games ways to express their love. In the report, they realized: "Doing public welfare is not only about handing over materials to the other party, but also requires dedication and love to plan and implement."




The "Yi Dian Ai" group also paid attention to the campus workers, and launched the "Ordinary Persistence, Simple Warmth-Normal University Workers Tell Us" activity. The team members interviewed the workers of the Normal University, collected messages, made exclusive postcards for the workers, and presented daily necessities. They hoped to express their concern and gratitude to the logistics workers of the Normal University through this action, and called on the students to respect the workers. The fruits of their labor pay tribute to the perseverance in the ordinary. Finally, through sorting out the whole process, the team members summarized and reflected on their project practice. The video produced by the "Yi Dian Ai" group is very heart-warming and deeply moved the students present!

Blue Eyes Team

The Lanjingling Group pays attention to the visually impaired and launched the "Walk with You——"Lanjingling" Blindness Aid Public Welfare Activities Survey". In the early stage, the team members conducted a survey and data collection on the living conditions and social attention of the blind group, and also conducted a survey on college students' understanding of the visually impaired group. Later, the team members went to the field to participate and perceive the needs of the visually impaired, and conducted in-depth interviews with the visually impaired. Their practice is dedicated to sports accessibility, hoping to make it simple for the visually impaired to participate in sports.

Huahuo linkage group

The Huahuo Linkage Group paid attention to migrant children and held a sports meeting called "Let's Move Together" for the children of Xinghuo Village, an urban village. Xinghuo Village is located in an urban village about one kilometer away from the campus. child. This is the third year of Xue Hong's public welfare course to hold a sports meeting for the children of Xinghuo Village. The team members hope to enrich the children's extracurricular life through the sports meeting, create a good winter memory for migrant children, advocate attention to the physical and mental health of migrant children, and care about the growth environment of migrant children. Although they encountered difficulties during the implementation of the project, they still kept their original intentions and persevered. "The public welfare we can do is actually to use our existing knowledge and experience to create and build a scientific and reasonable platform, so that children can slowly infiltrate their comprehensive quality in happiness.”

Wang Wangli Great Contribution Team 课程动态丨2021年紫江公益秋季课程《社会公益案例分析》顺利结课!课程动态丨2021年紫江公益秋季课程《社会公益案例分析》顺利结课!课程动态丨2021年紫江公益秋季课程《社会公益案例分析》顺利结课!

Members of Wang Wangli's great contribution team paid attention to the stray animals on campus, and launched the "Let them live better - China Normal University Campus Animal Protection Program". The team members interviewed the Animal Protection Association and purchased related items for the stray animals on campus, hoping to Improve the living environment of stray animals on campus, popularize some knowledge about animal protection and self-protection when in contact with animals, create a good campus environment where humans and animals coexist, and guide and drive more students to protect stray animals on campus.

Warm heart group

The warm-hearted group pays attention to the intimate relationship of college students, and established the "warmth, love and heart-warming love psychology and community support workshop". The team members determined the theme of the practice through the relevant research in the early stage, and collected and analyzed related issues. In the later stage of the activity, the group members organized the applicants to discuss, hoping to provide psychological counseling for students who are in an intimate relationship through communication and interaction, and to help members in conflict through mutual conversation.

Public welfare stove group

The Public Welfare Stove Group paid close attention to the campus garden workers, and organized a friendship with the garden workers of the logistics department, and held the "Thanks to the hands that care for the beautiful campus-thanks to the garden workers party". Support from the Department of Sociology and the Branch of Folklore. In the early stage, the team members worked together with the garden workers for a week, and experienced and understood their work content. Finally, by holding a party, we hope to enhance mutual understanding through interaction, and try to enter the hearts of the garden workers and bring them warmth.



After each group report, the group members responded to the students' questions. After the seven groups reported, Teacher Xue Hong also commented on each group of projects. Due to the epidemic, the Qishan group was unable to carry out activities, but they have made a lot of efforts in the early stage, which is worthy of recognition; the biggest highlight of the Yidianai group is the product-exclusive postcards, but there is still room for improvement in public welfare publicity. The excellence of the Lanjingling team lies in the review of the literature, and secondly, they are the only practice team out of the campus. Faced with uncertainties, the Huahuo linkage team was able to unite and cooperate to complete practical projects. Wang Wangli's great merit team team cooperated with the school associations to carry out in-depth practice. The warm and affectionate group is the most independent group, and the activity has achieved good results. The public welfare heater group is very team-conscious, no matter which part of the practice, they all work as a team. Finally, after voting by the judging committee, "Yidianai Group: Ordinary Persistence, Simple Warmth——Normal University Workers Tell Us" and "Lanjingling Group: Walk with You—"Lanjingling" Assistant The Blind Charity Survey" team narrowly won.

The online voting for the course project, which was attempted for the first time, attracted the participation of at least 1,000 people in just 24 hours, with a total of 2,177 votes (one person can only vote once, and a maximum of two groups). The voting volume of WeChat push articles was also nearly 1,000. The final online voting results: the public welfare heating furnace group won the support of 975 votes with an absolute advantage, and ranked first; the Huahuo linkage group finally relied on the advantage of the number of members, and the latecomers ranked first, obtaining 441 votes of support and winning the first place two. Teacher Xue Hong prepared prizes for each member of the two groups. Congratulations to them for their good grades.

课程动态丨2021年紫江公益秋季课程《社会公益案例分析》顺利结课!  课程动态丨2021年紫江公益秋季课程《社会公益案例分析》顺利结课!

At the end of the course, Mr. Xue Hong also expressed his gratitude to all parties involved in the course development. First of all, she thanked Zijiang Charity Center of East China Normal University for its support and funding for charity teaching, and also recommended students to continue to participate in the courses of Zijiang Charity Center. At the same time, she also thanked the Dunhe Foundation for its support of the "Dunhe Shanzhi Project", and further introduced the national public welfare and charity education to the students, and encouraged everyone to continue to actively participate in voluntary actions and public welfare activities. Teacher Xue Hong also thanked every student for participating in the course. She emphasized that students' responses and actions are the driving force for the continuous development of the course. Finally, teacher Xue Hong took a group photo with the students of the course to celebrate the successful completion of the course!


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