2018 Zijiang Creative Charity Contest Exciting Moments and Excellent Entries at a Glance

Dec. 6, 2018 witnesses the grand award ceremony of 2018 Zijiang Creative Charity Contest in the auditorium of Zijiang Group Headquarters. This annual event, sponsored by Zijiang Foundation, Trade Union and Human Resources of Zijiang Group, upholds “Efficiency-driven Innovation and Demand-oriented Charity”. All permanent employees of all companies in the manufacturing and service sectors of Zijiang Group and their family members may submit charity-related entries and projects. Then some selected entries and projects can be funded. Creative works may serve as the media to promote philanthropy.

As an open charity creativity platform, the contest centers on six types of philanthropic activities specified in the Charity Law and 17 UN Sustainable Development Goals and has no restriction on the format of the entries or projects. The contest is intended to record the wisdom and power of the staff, show a close bond between individuals and their families, businesses and communities and contribute to harmonious families and a better society.

Theme of the Contest

Use Creativity and Spread Positive Energy

During the three months following kick-off of the contest, the staff members of the Group across the country and even abroad respond actively and passionately, demonstrate a high sense of social responsibility and strong commitment to charity, and motivate and encourage the people around them to take part in charity with their wisdom and actions.

112 entries and 77 projects are received from contestants in groups or individually. The entries include videos of commonweal topics, paintings by parents and kids together, posters and handicrafts. The projects focus on topics such as environmental protection, poverty relief, left-behind children and garbage classification. Each entry and project embody love and responsibility, as well as wisdom and power. Finally, one entry receives special prize, 15 entries and 10 projects receive first, second and third prizes and nine entries are elected excellent works. Zizhu High-tech Zone, the Container & Packaging Division and the OEM Division win the Organization Excellence Prize.

2030 UN Sustainable Development Goals

The jury is comprised of Guo Feng, General Manager of Zijiang Enterprise, Hou Yu, Vice Party Secretary and Chairman of the Trade Union of the Group, Xia Guang, Executive Vice General Manager of Zizhu High-tech Zone, and Chairman Liu Han and General Secretary Chen Lin from Zijiang Foundation. The jury makes variations in the rating mechanism depending on different properties of three prizes. The entries are rated by innovation, social benefit and commonweal, technical complexity, content presentation and esthetics and relevance to the theme. The projects are measured by innovation, social benefit and commonweal, operability, sustainability and relevance to the theme. The metrics of the Organization Excellence Prize are the number of entries submitted and the number of prizes received by each organization.

Guofeng, General Manager of Zijiang Enterprise, presents the trophies to the award winners.

Hou Yu, Vice Party Secretary and Chairman of the Trade Union of Zijiang Group, presents the trophies to the award winners.

Liu Han, Chairman of Zijiang Foundation, presents the trophies to the award winners.

A representative of first prize winner of projects gives a speech.

Chen Lin, General Secretary of Zijiang Foundation, presents the trophies to the award winners.


In delivering her concluding speech, General Secretary Chen Lin says that charity should be put into practice by anyone, anywhere and propagated by individuals and organizations to influence everyone. She highly appreciates the platform made available by the group where positive energyspreads. During the three years since inception of Zijiang Foundation, she, as the facilitator and organizer, has learned a lot.

She is pleased to see so many excellent entries and projects, which indicates great ideas and actions are around us all the time. She believes that the first contest has just brought out a fraction of the philanthropic energy among the staff and more great things will happen in the future and are worth waiting by the staff and their families and all friends around us.

Chen Lin is giving a speech.

She believes that charity is our lifetime pursuit of a better life and is not only about loving care and contribution, but also an uplift in spirits. She wishes that everyone would work together for greater harmony and a closer bond between parents and children, between employees and employers, and between every individual and the society and the nature, do his or her part for advancement of the society, seek inspiration in and learn from the contest and the excellent works, and discover the diversity and more possibilities of charity./p>

Chen Lin poses for a photo with the winners.

Chen Lin poses for a photo with the winners.


A Selection of Prize-winning Entries

Work for Charity by ZD Cycling Club Watch the Video

This video is a record of work done by ZD Cycling Club for charity since its inception and promotes good conduct among the staff and the public, such as green travelling, protection of the ecology and environment, assistance to and care for the elderly, charity sale and observance of traffic rules. Videos and photos of philanthropic activities show the morals of the staff, promote the concept of universal charity and imply that charity is always on the way. The video also conveys the tenet of ZD Cycling Club, that is, Cycle around the world and spread the idea of charity.


Charity is everywhereWatch the Video

The video shoots some routines and calls for doing small good deeds, such as riding electric bikes and shared bikes to and from work, not using plastic bags of groceries and doing well in garbage classification.


Green TravellingWatch the Video

Along with rapid development of the economy and the society, the people are living a better life and a new perspective on scientific development is defined by environment friendliness, low carbon and health. By highlighting the theme, low-carbon life and green travelling, the Tangshan branch of Zijiang wishes to impart a new sense of environmental protectionto more people, heighten the public’s awareness of environmental protection and resources saving, trumpet green travelling, and encourage the people to go out, do sports and smell the flowers.


Graffiti Wall for Charity

It calls for doing small good deeds. All staff members have contributed to the graffiti wall, which will be preserved for a long time to remind the people to care for charity and environmental protection everyday.


Care for Left-behind Children

The author comes from Nanjiang, Sichuan and has been living in Shanghai for more than ten years. Photography is one of his hobbies. In his recent visit to his hometown, he saw many left-behind children in some villages situated in the mountains and could not help take some photos of them. Those children featured in the photos are so innocent and are all attended by their grandparents, while their parents are absent all year long. Many of them are elder brothers and sisters taking care of little ones. There are of course funs and joys, but in their eyes a thirst for parental affection and curiosity about the world outside the mountains can be perceived.


3V Weak Current Lighting System

5V solar panels are combined with used cellphone cells (several cells connected in parallel) to store electricity for bathroom, desktop and bedroom lighting (milder light is more pleasant to the eyes and better for nighttime use). LED beads are cut out of used LED strips (in those LED strips we use everyday, usually several LED beads connected in parallel first are then connected in series until the number of series are enough to satisfy the output current and voltage required to drive the LED lamp. If any LED bead in any series does not work, this series will fail soon because of current overrun and finally the entire LED lamp will stop working.) Some LED beads (Model: 730,Power:0.5W ) and single-open multi-control switches (each room is furnished with a switch and two LED beads connected in parallel) are bought. That is the weak current lighting system in my house.


Black Knight

Thanks to thebooming Internet, takeouts and couriers are at our service anywhere anytime and we enjoy a new level of convenience in our life. Meanwhile, numerous boxes and paper bags, among other logistics wastes, are produced. While enjoying all the convenience, shall we pay attention to the pollution caused to the environment by it? The idea of Black Knight is to turn logistics wastes into a piece of art. It is inspired by the armor worn by ancient knights. The body is made from paper boards, and the waist and shoulder belts from cutouts of used carpets. Waste cables and second-hand office stationeries are used as connectors. The helmet is an unused safety helmet plus obsolete room cards and fans. Part of the helmet is painted for coloring. The author wants to encourage the people to recycle logistics wastes as much as possible.


A River All Red •Energy Saving and Emission Reduction

The Nanjing branch of Zijiang saves energy and cuts emission by 10% this year. The author composes a poem to convey his feelings.


A Chronicle of Zizhu

The creation is inspired by what is seen and heard at Zizhu High-tech Zone, for example, the whistling of wind and the singing of birds, and the morning glow and vitality……Poetry is a means to convey emotions, while calligraphy is a form of art that embodies life. A combination of these two gives a feeling just like what you perceive at Zizhu High-tech Zone. There is the tranquility of birds singing in the dale, but also the craftsmanship of grinding and polishing a thousand times to deliver stiffness and toughness. It is artistic and energetic. The beautiful sight reminds the people of the past and their original aspirations. However, the nostalgia does not beget cowardice or dejection but provokes strong yearnings for the future and the courage to move ahead, as well as the ambition to amount to something.


Pass on love, we are all the same

The poetic prose with photos narrates how a mother does what she can to give help and love to some children, who live in harsh conditions in Yushu, Gansu, but still have an innocent, bright and positive attitude. The mother lets her small child be part of the philanthropic deed, sending clothes and stationeries to some children at Xialaxiu Town, Yushu. Many of those clothes are not brand-new, but bring warmth to the children. As a mother, she teaches her child to treat others withsympathy, gratitude and kindness with her actions. There are many children on the earth who need our love. Every child needs warmth and love alike. We should cherish what we have. A pen you throw away, or a dress you have never put on…….is perhaps something others need badly./p>


Green Home

This handicraft is made from things frequently seen in everyday life, such as bamboo sticks, disposable chopsticks and small stones to highlight the theme of green home. The earth appears unique in the vast universe because of its greenness and greenness is the origin of life. The work calls for care for the environment, protection of the nature and the greenness. Everyone should do his or her part to protect the nature, protect the earth and make our home more beautiful.


The Zips

The painting is titled The Zips, with the implication that all individuals and things in the society are connected by zips. Zips, as bonds, allow all individuals, male or female, young or old, and all groups, powerful or weak, to coexist in harmony. Zips also bond together animals and human beings. The painting extols harmony and care for and coexistence with animals.


The Water Element

Environmental pollution cannot be worse now. Even those species living in the deep ocean are not spared. No one wants to see those marine species wearing masks as human beings, or else they cannot survive. Most importantly, everyone is duty bound to protect the environment. Only actions will make a difference. Everyone should change their habits and then encourage the people around, to cherish and protect the environment together. Environmental protection should be made a part of our daily routine and learned by heart by everyone.


List of Prize Winners of 2018 Zijiang Creative Charity Contest




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