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Dear Friends, Happy New Year!

The year of 2018 is coming to the end and the new year’s bell is ringing. At this great moment of a new beginning, I, on behalf of the foundation, would like to send my warmest regards and best wishes to all members of Zijiang and your families! I would also like to extend my sincere gratitude to all those who care for and are supportive to all philanthropic undertakings of Zijiang Foundation.

Integrity, Pragmatism, Innovation and Sustainability are core values of Zijiang Foundation. Every time you pay attention to and get involved in philanthropy you injectsnew energy into these four words.

In 2018, Zijiang Foundation donates RMB 5 million to Shanghai Advanced Institute of Finance (SAIF), Shanghai Jiao Tong University to launch Shanghai Jiao Tong University Socially Responsible Investment Fund and financeteaching and researchactivities, events and talent development programs in the field of Socially Responsible Investment (SRI). This is a catalyst and driver for SAIF and financial education. A talent pool is the cornerstone of business and social development and talent development is inseparable from education. Zijiang Foundation hopes the two parties will explore the possibilities of cross-discipline, cross-channel and all-around cooperation, build a bridge between philanthropy and financial talent development in Shanghai, foster financial talents of high caliber who care for and practice philanthropy, and boost sound development offinancial education in China.

In 2018, ECNU Zijiang Charity Centerco-founded by Zijiang Foundation and ECNU provides nine optional courses focusing on charity practices to 250 students. In May, the Charity Innovation Camp is launched. A group of college students are given the opportunity to learn advanced social innovation service concepts, technologies, methods and cases by means of hands-on experience and field visits, and to widen their horizons and build up their capabilities in social innovation. On Dec. 9, the Second Charity Education Forum, “Dream and the Future: The Mission and Responsibility of Charity Education”, attracts some 200 participants from Shanghai, Beijing, Taiwan, Zhuhai, Nanjing and Ningbo, including government officials and professionals from colleges and charitable organizations. Achievements in projects are shared and the future of charity education is explored.

In 2018, Zijiang Foundation and the Corporate Social Responsibility Alliance of Zizhu National Hi-tech Industrial Development Zone launch TED×ZizhuPark under the theme For Good and in the form of non-profit organization, guided by 2030 UN Sustainable Development Goals. Nine speakers of different background around the world are invited to share their understandings and practices of For Good in three aspects, Science&Technology, Innovation and Social Responsibility, from nine perspectives. Sustainability is weaved into event outfield design and midfied interactions. The conference is organized and orchestrated independently by the curation volunteer team of the TED×ZizhuPark community and is advertised on Youtube, youku and, to draw attention to social subject matters and pass goodness to more people.

In 2018, Zijiang Foundation, together with Zizhu Primary School and Kindergarten Affiliated to East China Normal University and the CYL Committee of Zizhu High-tech Zone, launches the Positive Parenting Camp, under the theme “Build Happy Families and Schools and Create Charming Zizhu”. Children’s relationships with themselves, others and the world in the future are dependent on bonding with their parents and the cultivation of a sense of safety and trust in the outside world. Zijiang Foundation wishes to foster healthy growth of children and an ideal parent child relationship and bring benefits to more parents living and working at Zizhu by teaching them positive parenting and family commonweal knowledge from a global perspective and showing them positive parenting skills in interesting interactions!

2018 Zijiang Creative Charity Contest is sponsored by Zijiang Foundation, Trade Union and Human Resources of Zijiang Group. Creative works may serve as the media to promote philanthropy.During the three months following kick-off of the contest, the staff members of the Group and their families across the country and even abroad respond actively and passionately. 112 entries and 77 projects are received from contestants in groups or individually. The entries include videos of commonweal topics, paintings by parents and kids together, posters and handicrafts. The projects focus on topics such as environmental protection, poverty relief, left-behind children and garbage classification. The staff members demonstrate a high sense of social responsibility and strong commitment to charity, and motivate and encourage the people around them to take part in charity with their wisdom and actions.

All workmates and I have worked hard to do well in these jobs. None of these would have been possible without your support, of course. Much thanks for being there in the past year.

In the coming year, we will dig into the projects, and we are looking forward to the goodness of charity education through cross-discipline and cross-sector theories and practices!

In the new year
we will continue to stand together shoulder by shoulder
and we will try harder
to create more good things
together with you.

Happy New Year

Chen Lin, General Secretary

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