For Good | The Zijiang staff is always doing their best

On Jul. 9, Zijiang Foundation delivers subventions under the Rainbow Program for the second half of the year to eight disadvantaged employees at Zitai Property Management, Zijiang Color Printing, Ziquan Label, Zijiang Group Headquarters, Zidong Nylon, Zijiang Preforms Center and Zi Ri Packaging. These eight persons are the fourth group of donees under the Rainbow Program.They or their lineal kins suffer major diseases or natural disasters, leaving their families stranded. In the hot summer, they receive a total financial aid of RMB 150,000.

Natural disasters are merciless, but the people have sympathy. The Rainbow Program has drawn extensive attention and support from the staff since it was launched in October 2016. 2,314 individuals and 43 groups have made donations to the total amount of RMB 307,410.19, according to latest data.

Members are expected to apply for financial aid under the Program with their Trade Union no later than the end of June each year. The Trade Union shall check and validate the applications carefully and produce an evaluation of the applicants and their families honestly. Following several rounds of strict examination and verification, the jury of the Program shall assure delivery of subventions no later than mid-July.

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