News|Good News! Happy No.5 Accredited as Private Non-enterprise Unit

Approved by the Administration for Social Organizations of Minhang District

Happy No.5 Youth Charity Development Service Center

Official Registration asPrivate Non-enterprise Unit

Happy No.5 is initiated by Zijiang Foundation with the support of the CYL Committee of Minhang District, with a view to encourage the young people to take part in philanthropic activities in varied ways and at different levels, popularize philanthropy and build a happy neighborhood. The young people may get involved in charity anywhere anytime and feel happy in a philanthropic atmosphere. In this way, the young people may interact with each other more, get involved in charity in a sustainable and deepgoing way, and responsible individuals may fulfill greater value.

Happy No.5 is situated in the first floor of Building 5, Zizhu Digital Hub. It is an icon of soft power of Zizhu High-tech Zone and home to a number of mature charity programs, namely, Purple Rice Roll, Purple Dream Classroom, and The Star of Zizhu Lead horse Club. And more quality original brand programs will be launched at Happy No.5, such as Happy Library, Happy Reading and Happy Parlor, to name a few.

The official registration of Happy No.5 Youth Charity Development Service Center as private non-enterprise unit recognizes the work done by Happy No.5 and encourages it to make continued efforts to provide a high-quality and interesting charity platform to the young people.

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