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"Art" Project Drama Camp Review | Every exploration is a healing for the soul

Seeing oneself, understanding oneself, gaining acceptance, meeting someone who understands oneself... These are the unremitting pursuits of many people. Especially when we experienced home epidemic prevention and life was "folded" for two months, the body broke free from the bondage and the soul was more eager to communicate. The "Arts Begin to Embrace the Future of Heart" program provides six sessions of art healing workshops in two months. Nearly 20 partners completed four online drama explorations in one month, and together they went through

a journey of drama healing to explore the soul.

Every exploration is a healing for the soul

These partners have different backgrounds and identities, including white-collar workers from Zizhu Park, graduate students from East China Normal University and Jiaotong University, university teachers from Shanghai universities, and civil servants from the government... Although they don't know each other, they are full of warmth here. In the team of He Energy, everyone is deeply nourished from strangers to familiar ones, from passers-by to friends.

Looking back on the four drama healing workshops since June, every Friday at 7:00 pm, all partners meet on time in the online live room, under the leadership of Ziqi and Li Cheng, to create a safe and trustworthy drama field A realm where everyone can easily open their hearts, open their hearts, connect with their past selves, parents, lovers, and others, and gain awareness, comfort, and realization.

Everyone used drama games, dances, memories, narration, performances, movements, voices, expressions... to express themselves, support each other, and spend an unforgettable June in the way of "drama". A partner said: We look forward to the future more than the past. This is also the original intention of the "Art" project - I hope to embrace myself and others with art, and face the future with a sustainable lifestyle!

First round

inner relationship with self

What do you feel about yourself during the dance?

*The thing that touched me the most was in the part of singing and dancing, I had a feeling of letting myself off the shackles and taking the initiative to open up. When I release the part of my heart that I want to protect and hide, I feel that it is really beautiful to quietly come out and breathe. I hope that I will open up more next time, especially in the body, and reduce the cramp a little bit.

* During the dance meditation, the teacher talked about putting the pebbles in the river in the heart, and the ripples went round and round. The word rippling makes me feel very much. I think rippling is a very happy feeling. A seemingly distant dream seems to be unable to be put into reality. But every step I take now is moving towards that dream, as if that dream also gave me some strength and inspiration. Ripples in my river (real life) and I feel happy and happy. Because of this, I will also feel that the world is worth it, and the road is good to walk slowly, so don't worry.

*I found that studying and living in the rules for a long time seems to make me not know how to play, and I seem to have rules in my subconscious. When dancing, even if the teacher says follow your heart, you always wonder if this keeps up with the rhythm? Will it be considered unsightly by others? This does not seem to be unexpected, but the reflection it brought me is that I hope to learn multi-mode life in the future, and be a free child where there is no need for rules.

* Listening to the music and dancing my body, especially when I listened to the third song, I had a very specific picture in my mind. I took my daughter to water and pick fruits in my father's vegetable field. "Let's go, see Nanshan leisurely", my parents, husband and daughter are healthy

and have a harmonious relationship. I am satisfied with the status quo. , to be a better self.

second round

Affectionate relationship with parents

From these 14 pictures, choose a picture that represents your relationship with your parents, and why?

*My parents are both farmers, and life was a mess when I was a child, and being beaten was a common occurrence for me. But when I recalled the life with my parents, what came into my mind was the heavy rain when picking watermelons in the watermelon field. My father used a rain cloth to build a small shed for me to temporarily shelter from the wind and rain; When I didn't go home, my father went over the school wall to see me, and chatted with me throughout the lunch break... I wondered that I could forget so much unhappiness, and what remained in my memory was mostly emotion and happiness. I don't live with my parents now, but they still make me feel rich and peaceful, even if a thin spider web is pulling, but I know I won't fall, so I chose picture 4.

* When it comes to parental relationship, it has always been relatively vague, or it is authoritative. I saw the picture No. 5 at a glance, one by one independent circles, like footprints traveling far away. The greatest wealth of my parents and I is independent thinking, the ability to live independently, and the pursuit of my heart. Maybe because there is no long-term experience of living with parents and long-term living together in the original family, now that I have a child, I want to give the child more company. At this time, I found that companionship still has a great influence on developing an independent thinking personality.

*Mom gave me a similar feeling to painting number 10. The two symmetrical objects are similar to the characters of me and my dad, and the little man in the middle plays a role that isolates the two from approaching. My father and I seldom communicated since childhood, and our tempers were quite irritable. Every communication basically ended in collision and conflict, and my mother played the role of a mediator, trying not to let us collide face-to-face. The small and medium-sized person on the 10th did not step on the ground, just like my mother was actually in a suspended state all the time between us, and it was very painful for my mother to be in the middle. I've tried to reconcile with my dad, trying not to conflict with him, but to no avail. I feel sorry for my mother, and I haven't found a solution yet. I just hope that I can grow up and mature quickly.

Game 3

intimacy with a lover

How is your relationship with your lover? What have you gained from this relationship?

A female partner in a happy marriage wrote:

My relationship with my husband is about trusting each other, helping each other, and being able to communicate. Every time he goes to my parents' house, he brings something to eat, two watermelons or a bag of peaches, or something. I'm not as careful as him, but I can keep my mouth shut. He likes to buy all kinds of fitness and health equipment on Douyin. I never say that buying this kind of thing is useful or bad, and I don't criticize it, but if he says that the equipment is useless, I will ask if he wants to return it. Every time he said not to retire, then don't retire. A good intimacy is a great affirmation and recognition of oneself.

A partner who learned responsibility in marriage wrote:

What my husband taught me about "marriage" and "family" is responsibility, responsibility, and honesty. In the face of many ups and downs, marriage needs to be managed and grown together instead of staying at the attraction when they meet. A good intimate relationship is one that can raise the other's "badness" and "protect shortcoming" and grow.

A boy in graduate school wrote:

I've had two relationships, and I have a bad impression of the relationship between the two. Both of these two relationships started out sweetly and went through many happy days, but both came to a bad ending... The feelings that these two relationship experiences brought to me were both bitter and made me feel uneasy for a long time. The girlfriend has a negative view on this matter. Looking back now, the biggest problem is that they did not communicate well. The most important thing for two people is to understand and support each other. There will be a compromise solution to everything, instead of choosing a more extreme approach every time.

fourth game

Friendship with partners

The four-leaf clover symbolizes beauty and happiness, draw a picture of your favorite four-leaf clover, and write a message for yourself.

The "Art" project aims to focus on participants' feelings in the artistic creation process through a series of expressive art healing workshops based on humanistic principles, using non-verbal forms such as painting, drama, music, improvisation, dance, etc. and inner experience, to help individuals improve their energy. The Art Project hopes to embrace oneself, embrace others, share warmth and promote a sustainable way of life with art.

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The Fourth Council of the Second Session of the Zijiang Foundation was successfully held

On the morning of June 30, 2022, the fourth meeting of the second council of Shanghai Zijiang Foundation (hereinafter referred to as the "Foundation") was held in the conference room on the seventh floor of the headquarters building of Zizhu High-tech Zone. All seven directors, Shen Wen, Guo Feng, Li Yu, Tang Jifeng, Chen Lin, Liu Han and Xia Guang, attended the meeting. Three supervisors, Hu Bing, Hou Yu and Qin Zhengyu, and the working team of the secretariat attended the meeting. The meeting was chaired by the chairman of the board, Mr. Liu Han.

The scene of the fourth meeting of the second council

The directors at the meeting carefully listened to, reviewed and approved the 2021 foundation work summary, the first and second quarter work summary in 2022, and the 2022 annual work plan made by Secretary-General Chen Lin, and the 2021 foundation financial statement made by the financial director of Shen Wentao. Final accounts report and 2022 financial budget report.

The directors and supervisors attending the meeting affirmed the work of the foundation in the past year, and were full of confidence in the healthy and sustainable development of the foundation in the future, and said that they would do their best to do more work for the foundation.

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"Vulnerable Group Relief and Citizens' Psychological Support: How to Strengthen Common Actions for Shanghai-based Public Welfare Organizations" Symposium Successfully Held

On the morning of May 13, the "Vulnerable Group Relief and Citizens' Psychological Support: How to Strengthen Common Actions for Public Welfare Organizations in Shanghai", jointly sponsored by East China Normal University Social Organization and Social Governance Innovation Research Center and East China Normal University Zijiang Charity Center, was online. held successfully. A total of 30 people from social organizations, front-line workers, teachers and students from colleges and universities participated in the meeting, focusing on "what work has public welfare organizations carried out in terms of helping vulnerable groups, citizens' psychological comfort and support" and "whether public welfare organizations can be further

strengthened." Wang Wanxin, Secretary General of Shenzhen-Shanghai Rende Public Welfare Foundation, participated in a discussion on issues such as joint action and what support universities can provide. Professor Zhou Jun from the Innovation Research Center for Social Organization and Social Governance of East China Normal University presided over the meeting.

Wang Wanxin, Secretary General of Shanghai Rende Public Welfare Foundation, Hao Nan, Founder of Zhuoming Disaster Information Service Center and NCP Life Support Network, Sun Haiyan, Co-founder and Editor-in-Chief of Business Ecology Studio, Zhang Weiqiong, Director of Public Participation Department of Shanghai Lianquan Public Welfare Foundation , Xu Jun, Captain of Shanghai Sanqi Emergency Rescue Team, Zang Rui, Director of Oak Marriage Service Center in Minhang District, Shanghai, Liu Songjie, Shanghai Baiyulan Happy Home Family Service Agency, Tang Youcai, School of Social and Public Administration, East China University of Science and Technology, Shanghai International Studies University 11 guests including Associate Professor Yu Zucheng from the School of Business Affairs, Associate Professor Song Chengcheng from the School of Public Economics and Management of Shanghai University of Finance and Economics, Professor Huang Chenxi from the School of Social Development of East China Normal University, Associate Professor Zhang Qi from the School of Psychology and Cognitive Sciences of East China Normal University, and Associate Professor Weng Shihong from the School of Public Administration of East China Normal University He shared his work and thoughts on assistance to vulnerable groups and psychological support for citizens during the COVID-19 outbreak in Shanghai.

Guests from public welfare organizations introduced various relief measures and actions of the organization during the epidemic. For example, the Rende Foundation provided living materials for the elderly living alone and migrants through platform procurement and errands. Zhuoming Disaster Information Service Center provides services such as online consultation, psychological consultation and community assistance through multi-party joint actions. The business ecology studio disseminates professional knowledge in the form of an online breakfast meeting. The Shanghai Lianquan Public Welfare Foundation launched the "Protection of Shanghai Anti-epidemic Relief Special Action" at the first moment of the outbreak to provide support for communities, units, residents and anti-epidemic workers. The Shanghai Amphibious Rescue Team gave full play to its professional advantages in emergency rescue and epidemic prevention services, and devoted itself to the disinfection of the outdoor environment as soon as possible. The Oak Marriage Service Center in Minhang District, Shanghai began to provide public welfare psychological assistance services in the early days of the epidemic, and has now formed a team of more than 100 professional consultants.

Guests from colleges and universities shared their thoughts on building a local community assistance network, building a public welfare information sharing platform, promoting information openness and transparency, and promoting public welfare alliances based on their

own observations and experience of volunteering in epidemic prevention and control. (From left to right: Wang Wanxin, Hao Nan, Sun Haiyan, Zhang Weiqiong, Xu Jun, Zang Rui)

(From left to right: Tang Youcai, Huang Chenxi, Zhang Qi, Weng Shihong, Yu Zucheng, Song Chengcheng)

Afterwards, the guests had an interactive discussion, and proposed that social organizations need to sink into the community, enhance the ability to connect with the streets and community committees, build a social network for public welfare actions, and jointly carry out joint actions; colleges and universities should play an active role in building information Sharing platform, encouraging college student volunteers to participate and other highly inspiring views.


(Fan Jiayan, Deputy Secretary General of Shanghai Zijiang Foundation)

Finally, Fan Jiayan, Deputy Secretary-General of Shanghai Zijiang Foundation, summarized the meeting. She pointed out that the epidemic has shown us the uncertainty and complexity of the mega-city Shanghai facing a sudden public crisis, and it has also shown us the contribution of non-profit organizations that have always been active. She said that Zijiang Foundation will continue to do its best to cooperate with public welfare and university partners.

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Guangdong Zhong Nanshan Medical Foundation Zijiang Respiratory Health Special Fund to assist Shanghai in epidemic prevention

"'Guangdong Zhong Nanshan Medical Foundation Zijiang Respiratory Health Special Fund' is a special fund initiated and established by Shanghai Zijiang Foundation and Guangdong Zhong Nanshan Medical Foundation in 2020. In the face of the Shanghai epidemic, the special fund also actively participated in the action, providing Aid. The following article is reprinted from 'Guangdong Zhong Nanshan Medical Foundation'."

In the face of the severe epidemic situation in Shanghai, community front-line workers and student volunteers responded to the orders and continued to fight against the epidemic. , with great effort.

In order to speed up the victory of this war without gunpowder smoke and provide logistical support and spiritual encouragement for community front-line workers, student volunteers and vulnerable groups, in April 2022, the "Guangdong Zhongnanshan Medical Foundation Zijiang Respiratory Health Special Fund" organized A total of 300,000 yuan of living security and epidemic prevention materials such as food, masks and protective clothing were purchased and donated to 3 communities in Shanghai East China Normal University First Village, East China Normal University Second Village, and East China Normal University Zhongjiang Community, as well as Shanghai Jiaotong University and Tongji University. 3 colleges and universities of Shanghai International Studies University, express condolences to the community workers and student volunteers who are fighting on the front line, and cheer for their perseverance and persistence in fighting the epidemic!

The normalization of epidemic prevention and control is still going on. We firmly believe that under the strong leadership of the party and the government, and with the joint efforts of everyone, we will adhere to the dynamic clearing and gradual opening up, and we will be able to win the battle of health protection scientifically and effectively! "Guangdong Zhongnanshan Medical Foundation Zijiang Respiratory Health Special Fund" is a special fund initiated and established by Shanghai Zijiang Foundation and Guangdong Zhongnanshan Medical Foundation in 2020 to fight the new crown pneumonia epidemic and support other respiratory diseases related scientific research. Careers, educational programs and public health care science popularization programs are the mission to jointly protect public health and safety.

Up to now, the "Zhong Nanshan Medical Foundation Zijiang Respiratory Health Special Fund of Guangdong Province" has carried out 6 series of activities of "Health Science in the Community, Multi-disciplinary Public Welfare Free Clinic", aiming to provide relevant groups with health care for respiratory diseases, diabetes and workplace sub-health prevention. Guidance and expert free consultation; in terms of education, support Guangzhou Zhixin Middle School to carry out the "Life Science Innovation Experiment Course Construction Project", which has completed the construction of the course structure, laboratory site planning, experimental equipment procurement, etc.; in terms of scientific research, funding related units 1 key scientific research project and 6 general projects with a total of 2.3 million yuan.

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East China Normal University Zijiang Public Welfare and Charity Talent Training Special Fund held the fifth council meeting of the first session

East China Normal University Zijiang Public Welfare and Charity Talent Training Special Fund held the fifth council meeting of the first session On the afternoon of February 24, 2022, the first and fifth council meeting of the Management Committee of East China Normal University Zijiang Public Welfare Talents Training Special Fund was held at the Humanities Salon (Feng Qi Showroom), Wenshizhe Building, Minhang Campus, East China Normal University. Tang Jifeng, Vice President of Shanghai Zijiang (Group) Co., Ltd., Liu Han, Chairman of Shanghai Zijiang Foundation, Chen Lin, Secretary General of Shanghai Zijiang Foundation, Fan Jiayan, Deputy Secretary General, and Si Yang, Secretary General of East China Normal University Education Development Foundation , Meng Zhongjie, Director of the Academic Affairs Office and Director of the Admissions Office, Xiong Qiong, Secretary of the Party Committee of the School of Social Development, Wen Jun, Dean and Deputy Secretary of the Party Committee, Huang Yan, Deputy Secretary and Deputy Dean of the Party Committee, and Huang Chenxi, Deputy Dean, professors of the Faculty of Economics and Management, social organizations and Zhou Jun, Director of the Social Governance Innovation Research Center, Li Ruirui, Deputy Secretary of the Party Committee of Daxia Academy, and Zhu Jie, Deputy Director of the Office of Alumni Affairs and the Office of the Education Development Foundation attended

the meeting. The meeting was chaired by Wan Shu, Deputy Secretary-General of the Education Development Foundation of East China Normal University.

First, the meeting heard and reviewed the 2021 work report of the special fund. Wen Jun, Dean and Deputy Secretary of the Party Committee of the School of Social Development, made a comprehensive summary of the relevant work of the Zijiang Philanthropy and Philanthropy

Management Institute. Zhou Jun, a professor and director of the Innovation Research Center for Social Organizations and Social Governance, gave a comprehensive introduction to the progress of the Zijiang project of the School of Public Administration in 2021. Li Ruirui, deputy secretary of the Party Committee of Daxia Academy, gave an overview of Daxia Academy's 2021 Zijiang Public Welfare Talent Training Project. The exploration and practice are summarized and reported. The four lines of work cover the research, curriculum and practice of special fund projects.

Subsequently, the meeting deliberated and approved the 2021 financial final accounts of the special fund in writing. At the same time, Professor Zhou Jun reported in detail the plan for the second phase of the special fund from four aspects: planning background, project orientation, strategic goals and tasks, and organization and implementation. In the exchange and discussion session, the participants had a heated discussion on the curriculum setting of the special fund, the project operation mechanism, and the future development goals.

Si Yang, Secretary General of East China Normal University Education Development Foundation, pointed out that after five years of development, the project has already gained a certain regional influence, and has initially formed a unique talent training model for public welfare and charity at East China Normal University. He hopes to further focus on research issues ,

to create a research highland for public welfare and philanthropy.

Tang Jifeng, vice president of Shanghai Zijiang (Group) Co., Ltd., proposed that the next step of the project should focus on the goal of talent training, improve the evaluation system, and promote East China Normal University to become a highland for charitable talent training, and said that he would continue to support the brand-building project.

Liu Han, chairman of Shanghai Zijiang Foundation, believes that the participation, influence and presentation of the project will be greatly improved in 2021. This project is pioneering in the national field and can be further developed on the basis of the existing second-phase plan. Improve and strive for more brilliant results.

Chen Lin, Secretary-General of Zijiang Charity Foundation, believes that after the full cooperation with East China Normal University and aiming at cultivating talents with charitable personality, the project continues to expand the influence of the project and enhance the public's awareness of philanthropy. The cultivation of talents is a long road, and we still need to work together. We hope that in the next five years, through the optimization of the overall organizational framework, we will launch a public welfare talent cultivation project with distinctive features.

Finally, the meeting signed the meeting resolution and took a group photo. In 2022, East China Normal University Zijiang Charity Talent Training Project will further build consensus, integrate resources, give full play to advantages, increase construction, and welcome the next five years with more diversified cooperation

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This time 8 employees have been funded! The fifth anniversary of "Rainbow Project"

On the afternoon of January 6, the 12th meeting of the "Rainbow Project" Review Committee of Zijiang Foundation was held to finalize the list and amount of grantees in the first half of 2022. A total of 8 employees and their family members received funding from the "Rainbow Plan" this time. They came from 5 companies including Zijiang Enterprise Co., Ltd. Nanjing Branch, Zijiang Color Printing, Ziquan Packaging, Zijiang New Materials and Zidong Nylon. They became the twelfth batch of recipients of the "Rainbow Project" and received a total of 150,000 yuan in financial aid due to serious injuries and illnesses suffered by themselves or their immediate family members.

Now, "Rainbow Project" is also 5 years old!

Since its official operation in October 2016, a total of 1,326,000 yuan of subsidy has been issued, a total of 70 people from 17 Zijiang enterprises have been assisted, and 70 warm stories have been written with heart.


In October 2020, a Zijiang employee with 17 years of experience found a tumor during a routine physical examination. The pathology report after the operation still showed seriousness, and the operation was performed again. Because her husband is not in good health, her son is about to take the college entrance examination, and she needs to take medicine for a long time. The high cost of treatment and family expenses have suddenly increased the pressure of life. After the labor union of the employee's company fully understood the situation, it assisted her to apply for the rainbow subsidy in time to help her get through the difficult times. Reassuringly, she is stable after surgery and has returned to work.

In the story, although they suffered accidents or serious illnesses, they had many bright spots in their work. Some were rated as outstanding employees for their excellent performance, and some were recommended by the company to participate in continuing education to obtain a college degree; some have been conscientious and hard-working in Zijiang for more than 20 years. They do not have gorgeous language and amazing feats, but they interpret the spirit of Zijiang people with practical actions in ordinary positions.

"Rainbow Project" also uses ordinary persistence to convey warmth and strength in silent protection. The trade union of the enterprise attaches great importance to the application. On the one hand, it actively cares about the situation of the employees in difficulty and their family environment, assists the employees to apply, and on the other hand, they do a good job in the collection of materials and background verification. The reviewers of the "Rainbow Project" have a high sense of responsibility, repeatedly reviewing and fully discussing the materials, and strictly control the review, hoping to convey Zijiang's care to the employees who need it most. Once the list is confirmed, the staff of the public welfare foundation will directly remit the funds to the recipients in the shortest possible time to solve their urgent needs.

5 years is the beginning, and 5 years is also a new starting point. Over the past five years, the "Rainbow Project" has attracted the attention and support of the majority of Zijiang people, with a total of 2,537 person-times and 43 teams participating in donations. Last year, the foundation launched the “Dream Realization Program” to provide financial assistance to the children of financially disadvantaged employees to complete their university studies. The Zijiang Foundation hopes to continue the love, bring warmth and hope to the employees who encounter difficulties at the moment, and help more Zijiang employee families to build their dreams for the

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Course News丨The 2021 Shanghai Zijiang Foundation Autumn Course "Social Public Welfare Case Analysis" successfully concluded!

On December 14, 2021, the autumn course "Case Analysis of Social Welfare" of Zijiang Charity Center of East China Normal University was successfully concluded.

"Case Analysis of Social Welfare" was lectured by Dr. Xue Hong from the School of Social Development. In July 2021, this course will be awarded the Municipal Key Course (Practice Class) of Shanghai Universities. The course revolves around the theme of social welfare, and mainly discusses the development of public welfare and charity, non-profit organizations, and social welfare in China. It also introduces the methods of public welfare, and analyzes the spirit and behavior of volunteers.

One of the teaching features of this course is "inviting public welfare people into the classroom". This semester course organized four wonderful guest sharing sessions, namely, the founder and director of the Gumei Renpin Community Service Center for the Disabled in Minhang District, Shanghai shared "Renpin for the Disabled: From Freedom and Accessibility to Digital Empowerment for Visually Impaired Youth", Shanghai Yao Hao, a resident psychiatrist at the Municipal Mental Health Center and the founder of "Xinsheng Public Welfare", shared "Xinsheng Public Welfare: What We Can Contribute to Mental Health". Evaluation”, and Coca-Cola Greater China and Mongolia Sustainable Development and Social Impact Manager shared “What You Need to Know When It Comes to Sustainable Development”. Each guest sharing session showed the students different professional backgrounds and social welfare activities in different fields, and brought new thinking and action models to the students to participate in public welfare actions.

At the practical level, the course encourages students to combine "knowledge" and "practice", to discover public welfare activities around them and to participate in them personally. Every student who takes the course needs to complete at least one volunteer service, and also conduct a public welfare project design or social investigation in a group.

At 6:00 pm on December 14th, each project team of "Social Public Welfare Case Analysis" conducted a report on the practice of public welfare projects. In the practice of the course students, there are not only sending warmth to campus workers, paying attention to community support in intimate relationships, but also caring activities focusing on the rights and interests of small animals on campus. There is a sports meeting for children in urban villages. Enter the visually impaired non-profit organization to understand the survey report of volunteer groups.


Each of the 7 practice groups of the course selected a team member, a total of 7 students, to form a review team to score the projects of each group, mainly from the three aspects of project content, expressiveness and question response.


The Qishan Group paid close attention to the campus cafeteria workers and held the "Salute to Labor You and I Walk Together-Canteen Workers' Forum and Fellowship". We meet the canteen aunts every day, but actually know very little about them. Therefore, the Qishan team focused on the canteen workers. Through preliminary research, the team members found that many canteen workers left their hometowns and came to Shanghai work, so I hope to understand and appreciate the hard work of canteen workers through the form of dumpling-making activities, let canteen workers share and listen to each other's experience in Hupiao, and draw closer the friendship between students and canteen workers, and win prizes by playing games ways to express their love. In the report, they realized: "Doing public welfare is not only about handing over materials to the other party, but also requires dedication and love to plan and implement."




The "Yi Dian Ai" group also paid attention to the campus workers, and launched the "Ordinary Persistence, Simple Warmth-Normal University Workers Tell Us" activity. The team members interviewed the workers of the Normal University, collected messages, made exclusive postcards for the workers, and presented daily necessities. They hoped to express their concern and gratitude to the logistics workers of the Normal University through this action, and called on the students to respect the workers. The fruits of their labor pay tribute to the perseverance in the ordinary. Finally, through sorting out the whole process, the team members summarized and reflected on their project practice. The video produced by the "Yi Dian Ai" group is very heart-warming and deeply moved the students present!

Blue Eyes Team

The Lanjingling Group pays attention to the visually impaired and launched the "Walk with You——"Lanjingling" Blindness Aid Public Welfare Activities Survey". In the early stage, the team members conducted a survey and data collection on the living conditions and social attention of the blind group, and also conducted a survey on college students' understanding of the visually impaired group. Later, the team members went to the field to participate and perceive the needs of the visually impaired, and conducted in-depth interviews with the visually impaired. Their practice is dedicated to sports accessibility, hoping to make it simple for the visually impaired to participate in sports.

Huahuo linkage group

The Huahuo Linkage Group paid attention to migrant children and held a sports meeting called "Let's Move Together" for the children of Xinghuo Village, an urban village. Xinghuo Village is located in an urban village about one kilometer away from the campus. child. This is the third year of Xue Hong's public welfare course to hold a sports meeting for the children of Xinghuo Village. The team members hope to enrich the children's extracurricular life through the sports meeting, create a good winter memory for migrant children, advocate attention to the physical and mental health of migrant children, and care about the growth environment of migrant children. Although they encountered difficulties during the implementation of the project, they still kept their original intentions and persevered. "The public welfare we can do is actually to use our existing knowledge and experience to create and build a scientific and reasonable platform, so that children can slowly infiltrate their comprehensive quality in happiness.”

Wang Wangli Great Contribution Team 课程动态丨2021年紫江公益秋季课程《社会公益案例分析》顺利结课!课程动态丨2021年紫江公益秋季课程《社会公益案例分析》顺利结课!课程动态丨2021年紫江公益秋季课程《社会公益案例分析》顺利结课!

Members of Wang Wangli's great contribution team paid attention to the stray animals on campus, and launched the "Let them live better - China Normal University Campus Animal Protection Program". The team members interviewed the Animal Protection Association and purchased related items for the stray animals on campus, hoping to Improve the living environment of stray animals on campus, popularize some knowledge about animal protection and self-protection when in contact with animals, create a good campus environment where humans and animals coexist, and guide and drive more students to protect stray animals on campus.

Warm heart group

The warm-hearted group pays attention to the intimate relationship of college students, and established the "warmth, love and heart-warming love psychology and community support workshop". The team members determined the theme of the practice through the relevant research in the early stage, and collected and analyzed related issues. In the later stage of the activity, the group members organized the applicants to discuss, hoping to provide psychological counseling for students who are in an intimate relationship through communication and interaction, and to help members in conflict through mutual conversation.

Public welfare stove group

The Public Welfare Stove Group paid close attention to the campus garden workers, and organized a friendship with the garden workers of the logistics department, and held the "Thanks to the hands that care for the beautiful campus-thanks to the garden workers party". Support from the Department of Sociology and the Branch of Folklore. In the early stage, the team members worked together with the garden workers for a week, and experienced and understood their work content. Finally, by holding a party, we hope to enhance mutual understanding through interaction, and try to enter the hearts of the garden workers and bring them warmth.



After each group report, the group members responded to the students' questions. After the seven groups reported, Teacher Xue Hong also commented on each group of projects. Due to the epidemic, the Qishan group was unable to carry out activities, but they have made a lot of efforts in the early stage, which is worthy of recognition; the biggest highlight of the Yidianai group is the product-exclusive postcards, but there is still room for improvement in public welfare publicity. The excellence of the Lanjingling team lies in the review of the literature, and secondly, they are the only practice team out of the campus. Faced with uncertainties, the Huahuo linkage team was able to unite and cooperate to complete practical projects. Wang Wangli's great merit team team cooperated with the school associations to carry out in-depth practice. The warm and affectionate group is the most independent group, and the activity has achieved good results. The public welfare heater group is very team-conscious, no matter which part of the practice, they all work as a team. Finally, after voting by the judging committee, "Yidianai Group: Ordinary Persistence, Simple Warmth——Normal University Workers Tell Us" and "Lanjingling Group: Walk with You—"Lanjingling" Assistant The Blind Charity Survey" team narrowly won.

The online voting for the course project, which was attempted for the first time, attracted the participation of at least 1,000 people in just 24 hours, with a total of 2,177 votes (one person can only vote once, and a maximum of two groups). The voting volume of WeChat push articles was also nearly 1,000. The final online voting results: the public welfare heating furnace group won the support of 975 votes with an absolute advantage, and ranked first; the Huahuo linkage group finally relied on the advantage of the number of members, and the latecomers ranked first, obtaining 441 votes of support and winning the first place two. Teacher Xue Hong prepared prizes for each member of the two groups. Congratulations to them for their good grades.

课程动态丨2021年紫江公益秋季课程《社会公益案例分析》顺利结课!  课程动态丨2021年紫江公益秋季课程《社会公益案例分析》顺利结课!

At the end of the course, Mr. Xue Hong also expressed his gratitude to all parties involved in the course development. First of all, she thanked Zijiang Charity Center of East China Normal University for its support and funding for charity teaching, and also recommended students to continue to participate in the courses of Zijiang Charity Center. At the same time, she also thanked the Dunhe Foundation for its support of the "Dunhe Shanzhi Project", and further introduced the national public welfare and charity education to the students, and encouraged everyone to continue to actively participate in voluntary actions and public welfare activities. Teacher Xue Hong also thanked every student for participating in the course. She emphasized that students' responses and actions are the driving force for the continuous development of the course. Finally, teacher Xue Hong took a group photo with the students of the course to celebrate the successful completion of the course!


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Research Results | Investigation on the status quo and future planning of ESG work of high-tech enterprises in Zizhu High-tech Zone

Through the research on enterprises in Shanghai Zizhu National High-tech Industrial Development Zone, we will explore the current status of ESG development and the future growth path, and hope to call on more enterprises to understand ESG, pay attention to ESG, and practice ESG, so as to contribute to the sustainable development of the country in the future. Road contribution. "

After more than half a century of development, ESG has become a key topic of sustainable development in today's world. With the social and economic transformation of our country, ESG has gradually become a hot word. "What is the current status of domestic ESG practice?" "What factors have an impact on corporate ESG practice?" "How to promote the development of ESG in China?" These issues have also become the focus of attention.

In order to find the answers to the above questions, the Shanghai Advanced Institute of Finance of Shanghai Jiao Tong University and the Zizhu National High-tech Zone Corporate Social Responsibility Alliance jointly launched the "Research on the Status and Future Planning of ESG Work in High-tech Enterprises in Zizhu National High-tech Zone", consisting of five financial MBA students. Project teams spanning grades and classes, under the leadership and guidance of Professor Shi Weilei from Shanghai Advanced Institute of Finance, Shanghai Jiao Tong University, and Ms. Chen Lin, Secretary General of Shanghai Zijiang Foundation, take Zizhu National High-tech Industrial Development Zone as a window to study China Current status and future trends of ESG development in high-tech enterprises.

Excellent project display

High-tech enterprise in Zizhu National High-tech Zone

ESG work status and future planning survey

The research team distributed questionnaires to 212 high-tech enterprises in Zizhu, and 151 questionnaires were effectively returned, and the data of about 90 enterprises were finally recorded. The surveyed companies include information software, digital audio-visual, life science, intelligent manufacturing, avionics, new energy and energy saving, new materials, resources and environment, high-tech service industries, and almost all high-tech industries.

Through multi-dimensional analysis such as single-factor analysis, cross-analysis, hypothesis testing, and logistic regression, the team found that the higher the company's understanding of ESG, the greater the benefit to the company; the ESG-responsible department or individual of the company will know the degree of ESG produce a significant positive impact relationship. In addition, the information software industry, and the avionics industry will have a significant positive impact relationship on how to measure the impact of ESG on enterprise value.

In the park environment dominated by small and micro enterprises, high-tech enterprises have limited awareness of ESG as a whole. If you want to promote the development of ESG in enterprises, you need and strengthen the education of company shareholders and owners, from industry, innovation and infrastructure, decent work and economic growth, good health and well-being, etc. employees and their companies are most concerned about, Cut in from the most acceptable angle, and gradually expand to other dimensions. Among them, in terms of the environmental dimension, in addition to new energy and other companies that are closely related to the environment, other high-tech companies need to pay more attention to key environmental issues.

Project report display

Suggestions for Promoting the Mainstreaming Development of ESG in Chinese Enterprises

ESG-related institutional policies

Government departments should accelerate and improve the overall ESG institutional framework, and complete the transition from voluntary disclosure to mandatory disclosure of corporate ESG information;

ESG publicity and communication

Take advantage of the Internet to increase ESG publicity. Raise awareness of ESG among enterprises and consumers through media publicity, so that ESG concepts and their importance are more widely understood and recognized;

market participant influence

Strengthen the guidance of other market participants, especially the influence of investment institutions, and maximize the efficiency improvement effect of ESG investment on the real economy;

Evaluation and data system construction

Promote the construction of ESG third-party assessment systems and databases, and encourage more third-party rating agencies to conduct ESG scores on listed companies and companies to be listed.

(The content comes from the project report)

Shi Weilei | Professor

Professor, Shanghai Advanced Institute of Finance, Shanghai Jiaotong University

Co-Academic Director of the EED Program

"From project initiation, interviews and research, data analysis, results reporting to the publication of academic articles, MBA students devoted themselves to every link with great enthusiasm and a positive attitude in the three months, and put themselves in the field of ESG. The relevant experience and insights of MBA students were injected into the project, and finally the results exceeded expectations. This project not only helps MBA students get a very valuable practical learning opportunity, but more importantly, spreads ESG concepts to enterprises and helps enterprises understand ESG The value of ESG will help more companies to voluntarily incorporate ESG into their long-term development strategic planning, and contribute to the popularization and mainstreaming of ESG in China.” Ms. Chen Lin |

Secretary General of Shanghai Zijiang Foundation,

Founder of Zizhu National High-tech Zone Corporate Social Responsibility Alliance

This is a win-win practice project. With the help of the project team, the enterprise sorts out whether all links from R&D to production and supply chain meet ESG-related standards. In the early stage of enterprise development, they have a certain understanding of the concept of ESG. The professional competence, dedication and leadership demonstrated by the students during this process are important factors for the success of the program. The cooperation between Shanghai Zijiang Foundation and Gaojin started from the "Zijiang Discipline Development Special Fund", hoping to help cultivate socially responsible financial talents and academic research in the financial field, so as to better serve the construction of Shanghai as an international financial center. Strategic objectives.

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The second meeting of the second board of the Shanghai Zijiang Foundation was held

On March 15, 2021, the second meeting of the second board of the Shanghai Zijiang Foundation was successfully held in the headquarters building of the Zizhu National High-tech Zone. The meeting was chaired by Chairman Liu Han. Vice Chairman Shen Wen, Directors Li Yu, Guo Feng, Tang Jifeng, Xia Guang and Chen Lin attended the meeting.Chairman of the Board of Supervisors Hu Bing, supervisors Hou Yu, Qin Zhengyu, and the Foundation Secretariat team attended the meeting as non-voting delegates.

▲ The meeting reviewed and passed the "Zijiang Foundation 2020 Annual Work Report and Financial Final Account Report";

▲ The meeting reviewed and passed the "2021 Zijiang Foundation Work Plan and Financial Budget Report";

▲ The meeting reviewed and passed the resolution on "The donation to Zhong Nanshan Medical Foundation will be set up in the form of a special fund to carry out work".

Chen Lin, Secretary-General of Zijiang Foundation, and everyone reviewed the achievements of the foundation in the past year in building a charity talent training system, exploring the construction of regional charity ecology, strengthening brand promotion and internal governance, especially the foundation's fight against the new crown Important work done by the epidemic.

In 2021, the foundation plans to set up its own special fund, and the secretariat will begin to draft related systems and submit them for implementation at the board of directors in the second half of the year.

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Keep a foothold on foundation and take a broad view to the long term: Zijiang Foundation helps Guangdong Zhongnanshan Medical Foundation to tackle key scientific problems

On July 6, Chen Lin, the Secretary General of Shanghai Zijiang Foundation came to First Affiliated Hospital of Guangzhou Medical University to attend the donation ceremony of Zijiang Foundation to Guangdong Zhongnanshan Medical Foundation and National Clinical Research Center of Respiratory Diseases.

Since the outbreak of COVID-19 in early 2020, lives of every family in China has been irrevocably changed. Currently, the domestic epidemic prevention and control has come into a new stage, but the global outbreak continues to spread, public health security have been the common challenges confronted by human beings. As a destiny community, Zijiang Foundation donated 5 million yuan to Guangdong Zhongnanshan Medical Foundation, hopes to support respiratory diseases in the next three years, and to support the scientific research workers of persistent exploration of science.

Those also attended the donation ceremony, including Zhong Nanshan, the academician of the Chinese Academy of Engineering and the director of the National Clinical Research Center for Respiratory Diseases; He Jianxing, the President of Guangzhou Institute of Respiratory Health and deputy director of the National Clinical Research Center for Respiratory Diseases; Li Shiyue, the vice President and the director of Department of Respiratory Medicine, Guangzhou Institute of Respiratory Health; Zheng Jinping, the vice President of Guangzhou Respiratory Health Research Institute and the vice director of National Respiratory Diseases Clinical Medical Research Center; Huang Qinghui, the vice President of Guangzhou Institute of Respiratory Health; Sun Baoqing, the Director of the Office of Guangzhou Institute of Respiratory Health and the director of the State Key Laboratory of Respiratory Diseases; Yuan Ting, the deputy Secretary-General of Zhongnanshan Medical Foundation in Guangdong Province, etc.

Zhong Nanshan, the academician of the Chinese Academy of Engineering: "The fight against the epidemic cannot be separated from the support of enterprises."

Chen Lin, the secretary-general of Shanghai Zijiang Foundation

At the event, Chen Lin, the secretary-general of Zijiang Foundation, first of all paid tribute to all the experts, teachers and scientific research and medical workers present there. Then she introduced the Zijiang Group and Zijiang foundation. At the same time, Chen shared the actions taken by Zijiang people to prevent and control the epidemic during the past six months: "Since the outbreak of the epidemic, some of the enterprises of Zijiang have started emergency work since the third day of the first lunar month to support the packaging production of epidemic prevention materials.”

In addition, Zizhu High-tech Zone will fully implement the joint prevention and control measures of enterprises in the park to provide security for all people there. Zijiang Foundation will help Zhijiang Public Welfare Research Institute of East China Normal University with the special topic research: epidemic prevention. After the project was released in April this year, more than 30 applications were received from various departments and colleges. The research projects reviewed and approved including "Research on community-based epidemic control model", "community self-organized action, causes and comparative analysis in epidemic control", "community, gender and empathy in voluntary anti epidemic service" and "volunteer action and guidance and support of epidemic college students in the new era".

Zhong Nanshan, the academician of the Chinese Academy of Engineering

Academician Zhong Nanshan and President He Jianxing expressed their gratitude to Zijiang Foundation and Zijiang Group for their support in the fight against the epidemic. Zhong Nanshan also said, “Shanghai has done a good job in the anti-epidemic work, thanks to the vast number of Shanghai enterprises. Support does not depend on how much, but on intention. In the past six months, our team has been greatly improved through the baptism of the epidemic, which can not be separated from the strong support of enterprises”.

Keep a foothold on foundation and take a broad view to the long term

In this war of prevention and control of the epidemic situation, the "Chinese defense line" composed of the steady stream of fearless and innovative forces from a large number of scientific research and medical workers appeared. It constantly injected confidence into the fight against the epidemic.

Looking forward to the future, academician Zhong Nanshan said: "to combat the epidemic, we need the joint efforts of scientific research institutions and enterprises. In the future, we look forward to more cooperation with Zijiang Foundation and Zijiang group."

Secretary General Chen Lin also said: "the name of Zijiang means that we will continue to gather strength and move towards a broader development space. In the face of the uncertain challenges under the global epidemic situation, we hope to use our own meager strength to gather more joint forces to support scientific research and tackle key problems, and jointly protect the national public health and every life with the majority of scientific research workers. "

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Warm Winter: Rainbow Project 8th Financial Support Newsletter

On January 9, Zijiang Foundation sent the first half subsidy of rainbow project to five needy employees. They are respectively from five companies: Zidong Nylon Material, Zijiang Color Printing, DIC Ink, Wuhan Zihai Plastic, Foshan Gaoming Branch of Zijiang Enterprise Co., Ltd. They became the eighth group of recipients of the rainbow project and received a total of 100000 yuan in this warm winter.

Life is impermanent. With everyone’s help, we could impermanent life warmer. Since its official operation in October 2016, Zijiang rainbow project has attracted the attention and support of Zijiang people. By the end of 2019, 868000 yuan has been granted, including 661981.85 yuan as donation and 468262.70 yuan as contribution from the foundation. 45 people have been supported by enterprises from 15 local unions. 2468 people and 43 teams participated in donation. On September 22, a total of 254659.17 yuan was raised for the 20th anniversary of Zijiang enterprise "rainbow market charity sale". Here we sincerely thank the warm and loving of Zijiang people!

Warm tip: Please click "read the full text" at the end of the article to enter the "member registration" page to complete your personal information.

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Annual Review of Zijiang Foundation in 2019

Dear friends, happy New Year!

2020 is coming. On behalf of Zijiang Foundation, I would like to extend new year's greetings to all of you, and wish you all a happy and healthy family! At the same time, I would like to express my sincere thanks to the friends to whom care about and support the development of Zijiang!

Trials and hardships, we have gone through an extraordinary 2019 together. Looking around the world, we are facing a great change that hasn't happened in a century. As a responsible country, China has taken on more and more important tasks of promoting global common development. We are pleased to find that more and more enterprises joining in the field of philanthropy  and charity and market behavior helping social welfare are constantly emerging.

In the face of the uncertainty of the external environment, we continue to uphold the values of "integrity, pragmatism, innovation, and sustainability". We are not only gingerly, but also take the initiative to develop with high quality.

Zijiang philanthropy education and talent training forum


In 2019, the Zijiang philanthropy Research Institute of East China Normal University successfully held the third Zijiang philanthropy education and talent training forum. The theme of the forum is " Sollen und Sein -- an innovative exploration of philanthropy education in Universities ". Many experts and scholars concerned about philanthropy education are invited to share the experience and precipitation in the practice of philanthropy education, discuss the innovation and development of philanthropy talents training, and bring new ideas and inspiration to China's philanthropy education. The theme of this forum focuses on the hot spots in the industry, which has aroused wide discussion and the attention of major media. China Youth Network, global network, which was reported by Chinanet and many other media.


At the beginning of 2017, ECN University Zijiang Center of Philanthropy opened a relatively systematic training course for philanthropy talents. By October 2019, nearly 800 people had participated in the course. The development of the center and the exploration of talent training in the school are advancing simultaneously, which makes philanthropy education a fine tradition of East China Normal University.


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Sollen und Sein -- an innovative exploration of philanthropy education in Universities: a review of the third Zijiang Forum


Ted × ZizhuPark community volunteer project


In 2019, the annual ceremony of Ted × ZizhuPark community volunteer project jointly sponsored by Zijiang Foundation and Zizhu 5 Youth Public Welfare Development Service Center was held in GCN, Zizhu National high tech Park. The theme of this conference is "bold + brilliant". From the perspective of improving the corporate social responsibility of Zizhu National high tech Park, the conference focuses on exploring the bright spots of women's bravery and advocates social concern and care for women. The conference invited 11 explorers and innovators with great ideals in different fields to share their stories of "dare to shine" in their respective dimensions. Two of them came from enterprises settled in Zizhu high tech Zone, namely Chen Liping, co-founder of Weber intelligence, and Zhang Yimei, co-founder of Yunna technology.

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Ted x ZizhuPark Conference on the spot

Rainbow Project

In 2019, with the continuous and enthusiastic donation of Zijiang's management and employees, rainbow project has gathered love and strength and helped more and more employees in need. In September, Zijiang enterprise meticulously prepared the charity sale activity of "love in heart knitting rainbow" for a long time and raised 254659.17 yuan in total. Auction items are donated by employees themselves or specially designed and produced for the event, including calligraphy, calligraphy and painting, all kinds of daily necessities, souvenirs, creative logo design, etc., which are full of creativity.


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3 years old! One minute to learn about "Rainbow Project" of Zijiang Foundation

Super excited! Zijiang enterprise's 20th anniversary with health and love

China Foundation Development Forum



In 2019, we are honored to be elected chairman of China Foundation Development Forum in 2020. The China Foundation Development Forum is an important platform for industry exchanges initiated by foundations that are willing to pursue institutional excellence and industry development. After 11 years of development, the foundation forum has become one of the most dynamic and influential famous brands in the public welfare industry. Since joining the Organizing Committee in 2016, Zijiang Foundation has established friendly cooperative relations. 2020 is the fifth anniversary of the establishment of Zijiang Foundation and the twelfth year of the establishment of China Foundation Development Forum. This year is a crucial year for both sides. As the new president, we will make our own contribution to the sustainable construction of China foundation industry ecosystem on the basis of previous cooperation.

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The annual meeting of China Foundation Development Forum was successfully concluded, and Zijiang Foundation starts 2020

In 2019, We have seen our own growth and transformation in the exploration and innovation time after time, and we have seen the responsibilities and actions given by the times. Without your support, it's hard to do well. Thank you for your care this year.

In the coming 2020, we will continue to work together, and we will work harder to create more beautiful together with you!

Zijiang public welfare is worth your more expectation!


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The annual meeting of China Foundation Development Forum was successfully concluded, and Zijiang Foundation starts 2020


At the meeting of China Foundation Development Forum 2019, Zijiang Foundation officially became the rotating chairman of China Foundation Development Forum in 2020.

Since 2016, Zijiang Foundation has become one of the organizing committee members of China Foundation Development Forum, and has established friendly cooperative relations.  In 2020, Zijiang Foudation is 5 years old and China Foundation Development Forum is 12 years old. This year is a crucial year for both of them. Thanks to the trust of the organizing committee, Zijiang has become the new rotating president. We hope to stand on the cornerstone of previous cooperation and make contribution to the continuous promotion of exchanges in the public welfare industry.

Overview of annual meeting


On November 22-23, the 2019 China Foundation Development Forum was successfully held in Fuzhou. This is the 11th consecutive annual meeting of the foundation forum, attracting nearly 1500 guests from more than 600 institutions concerned about the development of foundations and public welfare undertakings all over the country.

As one of the most influential communication platforms in the industry, China Foundation Development Forum,  Annual Grand Meeting is committed to building a high-level industry dialogue, exchange and cooperation platform. Ye ZhouLing, the representative of the 2019 rotating chairman of China Foundation Development Forum and vice president of Fujian Hengshen charity foundation, said that in 2019, there were 25 organizing committee members of China Foundation Development Forum, further enhancing the representativeness of China Foundation Development Forum and expanding its influence in the country.

Ye ZhouLing, vice president of Fujian Hengshen Charity Foundation

Li Bo, a first-class inspector of the charity and Social Work Department of the Ministry of civil affairs, said in his speech that as of the third quarter of this year, there were 7469 foundations nationwide. As an important platform for national foundation exchanges, China Foundation Development Forum has played an active role in promoting industry exchanges and industry development over the years. It is hoped that the foundation forum will adhere to integrity and innovation, contribute more wisdom and programs to further promote the healthy development of China's foundations, and further expand its influence and play its role.

Li Bo, the first level inspector of Charity and Social Work Department of the Ministry of Civil Affairs

Michel Schwartz, the executive director of the German Mercator foundation, believes that the foundation can play an important role as a bridge between different societies, international cooperation and exchanges, and hopes to establish contacts with more Chinese foundations.

Michel Schwartz, the executive director of Mercator foundation, Germany

China Foundation under the great changes

Since the establishment of the first foundation in New China in 1981, China Foundation has adhered to its mission and value, explored and practiced in the fields of poverty alleviation, poverty relief, disaster relief, promoting the development of education and health, protecting and improving the ecological environment, which has played a positive role in solving social problems and promoting social innovation.

Today's world is in a great change, harder than ever before. As a responsible big country, China has taken on more and more important tasks of promoting global common development. As an important social force, foundation also plays its own role in this process.

According to Tao Chuanjin, a professor at the school of social development and public policy of Beijing Normal University, the number of foundations is increasing, the amount of funds raised is increasing, the spirit of industry contracts and the awareness of rules are also increasing, so we can look at the development prospects of China's foundation industry and even the public welfare industry with optimism. But there are also challenges in optimism, such as the "gold rush" brought by the rapid increase of Internet fund-raising, and many problems in administrative supervision and rating evaluation.

Tao Chuanjin, the Professor of School of social development and public policy, Beijing Normal University

In the current changing social background, the foundation should not only practice its internal skills, lay a solid foundation for the compliant and efficient high-quality development, but also take the overall situation into consideration and devote itself to national construction and social governance.

Sun Boying, the deputy secretary of the Party committee and Secretary of the Discipline Inspection Commission of the school of public management of Renmin University of China, made a breakthrough from the perspective of national governance. According to Sun Boying, the biggest proposition of a country in the process of modern development is how to deal with the complexity brought by differentiation, diversity, fragmentation and heterogeneity. China is the concentric circle structure of the party center, facing the problem of how to build a community of social governance. Only by making society more dynamic can the whole country become better and stronger.

Sun Boying, the deputy secretary of the Party committee and Secretary of the Discipline Inspection Committee of the school of public management of Renmin University of China

Xu Hongcai, the deputy director of Economic Policy Committee of China Policy Science Research Association, pointed out that China's economic growth has shown great resilience under the complex and severe external environment from the perspective of economic development, but the downward pressure on the economy is still very large. The process of urbanization, the reform of state-owned enterprises, the new round of reform and opening up and the bonus of talents are expected to release the potential of sustainable development. At the same time, there is great potential to realize the modernization of national governance mechanism and governance capacity.

Xu Hongcai, the deputy director of economic policy committee of China Policy Science Research Association

Focusing on the theme of "sticking to the original heart", Song Houliang, the founder of Social Innovator, Chen Yimei, the Secretary-General of Vanke Public Welfare Foundation, Peng Yanni, the Secretary-General of Nandu Public Welfare Foundation, Wang Juan, the Director-General of Beijing Love Decibel Public Welfare Foundation, Wang Xingzhi, the executive vice director of China Poverty Alleviation foundation, Yuan Li, the founder and Director-General of Shanghai Yuanli Public Welfare Foundation, and Hunan Honghui Education Development Foundation Zhang Fan, chairman of the Gold Council, all shared the original intention of public welfare and the way to stick to it with their own experiences.

In-depth dialogue

Conspiring for the Industry Construction of Foundation

The round-table conference was hosted by Li Jin, the vice president and Secretary General of Beijing Sany Public Welfare Foundation. Around the industry construction and social development, many senior foundation representatives expressed their views.

The round-table conference

Dou Ruigang, the executive secretary of Tencent charitable foundation, proposed that in the context of modernization of national governance system and governance capacity, foundations may be an important carrier for the third distribution. In addition, the connection between people, the reconstruction of trust and the reconstruction of knowledge system are also the values of foundation in the current society.

Li Hong, the secretary general of Shenzhen One foundation, believes that the foundation is a catalyst and linker. At present, the cognition, understanding, research and analysis of social problems in the foundation industry are not enough and need to be improved. He pointed out that the foundation also needs to strengthen the support for the public welfare industry. "If the foundation does not provide resources to support the industry, it is difficult to imagine where the resources will come from." He said.

Sun Chunmiao, the deputy secretary general of Zhejiang Dunhe Charity Foundation, believes that the value of the foundation lies in the integration of resources and the promotion of social change. Compared with five years ago, the industry as a whole is booming, but the fuzzy areas are gradually expanding, and even the space is being squeezed. In the long run, the foundation should play the role of value leading, promote the real change of this society, and enable our society to achieve collective evolution.

Wang Shuwen, the secretary general of Guangdong Qianhe community public welfare foundation, said that the foundation has always played a role in supporting the development of grassroots social organizations, and is also a bridge to promote social integration. He believes that the public welfare industry should change its language system, return to common sense and have more communication with other industries. Under the policy incentive and other factors, the future industry will show a small and stable process of slow growth, and the prospect is optimistic.

Zhang Yuan, the secretary general of Alxa See Ecological Association, believes that the bottleneck of foundation industry development lies in three aspects: people, money and ideas. We should open the door, absorb all kinds of talents, expand our horizons; learn to invest in financial management, maintain and increase value, and strengthen the study of relevant policies; front-line workers should try to summarize what they have seen and heard, sort out some thoughts, and record and inherit the problems and thoughts they have encountered.

Facing the changing social and industrial background, China Foundation Development Forum 2019 Conference closely follows the development trend and sets up 12 parallel forums. The parallel forum with the theme of "catalyzing regional public welfare Ecology: opportunities and responsibilities of foundations" is based on a comprehensive and in-depth scanning and investigation of the foundations committed to supporting the development of local public welfare undertakings in Fujian Province, and summarizes the basic model of Fujian foundation supporting the development of public welfare ecology. Through the Fujian model and the national perspective, it shows that local foundations are promoting regional public welfare Exploration and practice in the development of state.

In addition, the parallel forum not only discussed industrial infrastructure, scale of public welfare projects, international exchanges, urban and rural children's services, but also other issues to meet the needs of different participants. The annual conference promotes the ideological collision of participants and conspires for the future development of the industry.

Stick to the original intention and move on

Li Yulin, the founder of Public Capital Studio, shared his thoughts on the foundation industry from the perspective of media workers. He believes that in recent years, the foundation industry is keen to discuss grand social issues, while ignoring the mission of the foundation is to promote social innovation. At the same time, he said that many foundations have begun to respond to the complex environment with a positive attitude, try to embrace the uncertainty of the times, return to the details and start to innovate, and look for new opportunities for systematic change.

Li Yulin, the founder of Public Capital Studio

In his concluding remarks, Chen Yueguang, executive director and Secretary General of Zhejiang Dunhe Charity Foundation, pointed out that "public welfare is our way and pursuit of life, and taking it as our ambition is the common aspiration of public welfare people." He believes that knowledge production, infrastructure construction and ecosystem construction are three urgent and important tasks in the industry construction.

Chen Yueguang, executive director and Secretary General of Zhejiang Dunhe Charity Foundation


"China's public welfare ecology is still very backward." Xu Yongguang, one of the promoters of China Foundation Development Forum and President of Nandu Public Welfare Foundation, pointed out in his closing speech that the social mobilization and public participation of China's public welfare are insufficient. In the future, it is necessary for public foundations, charities and public welfare service organizations to unite to make the public welfare culture penetrate into enterprises and communities, and carry out social governance innovation with the government.

Xu Yongguang, one of the promoters of China Foundation Development Forum and President of Nandu Public Welfare Foundation

At the closing ceremony of the annual meeting, Shanghai Zijiang Foundation officially took over the banner of the foundation forum from Fujian Hengshen charity foundation and became the rotating chairman of China Foundation Development Forum in 2020.

Handover ceremony of chairman in office 

Lu Quanbin, the secretary general of China Foundation Development Forum

Up to now, the foundation forum has held 11 annual meetings, and LV Quanbin, the secretary general of China Foundation Development Forum, has released the future strategy of the foundation forum. He said that the foundation forum will give priority to supporting the development of the foundation's core competence, making the foundation have more development resources, promoting the complete and positive interaction of the foundation industry's ecological elements, creating a social environment to support the development of the foundation, as well as the record summary and knowledge production of the local foundation in China. He hoped that the foundation industry could work together to solve social problems and promote Social innovation.

Image Source: China Foundation Development Forum

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Sollen und Sein -- an innovative exploration of philanthropy education in Universities: a review of the third Zijiang Forum

On November 3, the third Zijiang philanthropy education and talent training forum was held in East China Normal University. The theme of the forum is Sollen und Sein - an innovation exploration of philanthropy education in universities. Many experts and scholars concerned about philanthropy education are invited to discuss the innovation and development of talents training of philanthropy.

Tong Shijun, the secretary of the Party committee of East China Normal University, attended and delivered the opening speech. Many guests such as Zhang Jing, the director of the vocational, social work and volunteer service division of Shanghai Civil Affairs Bureau, Cheng Gang, the executive vice president and President of the Foundation Center network, He Jiangying, the senior partner of Korn Ferry International, and Xu Jialiang, President of China Public Welfare Development Institute of Shanghai Jiaotong University attended and delivered speeches.

The forum was hosted by Chen Lin

The forum was hosted by Chen Lin, the Secretary General of Shanghai Zijiang Foundation and the founder of ECN University Zijiang Center of Philanthropy. Chen Lin pointed out that since its establishment in 2017, Zijiang Center has been committed to building an intra industry communication platform and improving discipline construction and talent training. It is hoped that this forum will promote the dialogue between scholars and experts in the industry, share the experience in the practice of public welfare education, and bring new ideas and inspirations to China's public welfare education.

Professional public welfare talents training should return to the source of Education

Tong Shijun, the secretary of the Party committee of East China Normal University, put forward in his opening speech that with China's economic and social development entering a new stage, the significance of public welfare charity for building a moderately prosperous society in an all-round way and realizing people's yearning for a better life is increasing. At the same time, the requirements for the professional quality of public welfare talents are more and more important.

Tong Shijun introduced that the School of Social Development of East China Normal University started earlier in the talents training. At the beginning of 2017, with the support of Zijiang foundation, a relatively systematic training course for charitable talents was opened. By October 2019, nearly 800 people had participated in the course.

Tong Shijun said that public welfare education is the foundation and support for the development of philanthropy undertakings. The development of philanthropy education is consistent with the original intention and mission of establishing morality and cultivating people in East China Normal University. The development of Zijiang Center should be promoted simultaneously with the exploration of talents training in the school, making public charity education becomes the fine tradition of East China Normal University.

Speech by Tong Shijun

A interdisciplinary perspective on the new situation of non-profit organizations leadership

He Jiangying, the senior partner of Korn Ferry international and general manager of life science industry in Asia Pacific region, attended the forum and delivered a speech entitled Leadership in Developing and Cultivating Public Talents. She suggested that the trend of big data and other advanced technologies will reshape the structure of non-profit organizations. However, the limited resources, the lack of strategic objectives and performance indicators, and the maladjustment of talent demand pose a great challenge to the development of non-profit organizations. In this regard, He Jiangying proposed that under the new situation, the leaders and practitioners of non-profit organizations are not purely business oriented, they should take social innovation and social influence into account, and constantly improve the corresponding driving force and personal ability to meet the challenges of development.

Speech by He Jiangying

Jump outside the box to explore the end point of public talents education

This forum has launched a multi-dimensional discussion on philanthropy talents education, and the guests have contributed their perspectives from the perspectives of research institutions, practical institutions and the government.

Discussion on the demand of public talents and the structure of talents

  • At present, there is a lack of philanthropy talents, especially for composite talents:

Huang Haoming, the vice president of the Institute of international public welfare, pointed out that according to the relevant research on the average number of employees of Chinese social organizations in the past 15 years, the number of full-time employees that can be employed by a social organization is 11.9, and by 2019, the number of social organizations nationwide has reached 835000, with an employment population of about 10 million, and there is still a lack of 30 million employment in China. Huang Haoming pointed out that the current public welfare industry needs compound talents with three qualities of governance, implementation and adherence.

② Need to improve the top-level design and build the talent Incubation Platform:

Zhang Jing, the director of the vocational and social work and Volunteer Service Department of Shanghai Civil Affairs Bureau, pointed out that the foundation fund in Shanghai has reached more than 20 billion yuan, which provides a more favorable guarantee for the cultivation and introduction of cross-border talents. Zhang Jing believes that the government needs to improve the top-level design, build a talent incubation platform, and play a positive role in the cultivation of public talents.

③ Both personnel training and cross-border introduction should be focused on:

Sun Chunmiao, the Deputy Secretary General of Dunhe foundation, put forward that the core purpose of philanthropy is to mobilize more people to participate in public issues, and professional people are to refine the general ability to achieve excellence. At the same time, we should import more talents and resources gap from the internal and external aspects to meet the need of talents.

In the theme discussion of Innovation Mode of philanthropy Education in Universities, Liu Zhiyang, the vice president of business school and executive vice president of entrepreneurship School of Shanghai University of Finance and economics, put forward that the ultimate purpose of charity is to shape ‘complete mind’ and realize ‘modernization of human beings’. He suggested that we should focus on business innovation, science and technology innovation and education innovation to realize the dual mission of public welfare and human development.

Li Jian, the executive director of the research center of the foundation of the Central University for nationalities, believes that charity education in Colleges and universities should start with policy design and curriculum system research and development. At the same time, it is necessary to strengthen the cooperation between colleges and universities and the community of public welfare practice, so as to jointly cultivate new public welfare talents in line with the development of the times.

Zhang Li, a researcher and partner of Yeqing Social Innovation Center, believes that the cultivation of public welfare talents should be improved in many aspects, such as industry upstream, specific projects, talent deep processing and human resource allocation.

Discussion on the innovation mode of public welfare education in Universities

In the afternoon, we held four sub forums to carry out dialogues on the four themes of matching the needs of public talents with college education, college public welfare projects from the perspective of students, college social innovation and youth participation, public welfare research.

Li Zhiyan, the secretary-general of the funder Roundtable forum, LV Quanbin, the secretary-general of the China Foundation Development Forum, Xie Jiachen, the Professor of the school of public welfare and charity management, Pujiang college, Nanjing University of technology, Xu Jialiang, Dean of the China Institute of public welfare development, Shanghai Jiaotong University, and Yang Ye, deputy secretary-general of the Shanghai Soong Ching Ling Foundation, attended the roundtable Forum on matching the needs of public talents with college education, and discussed the cooperation between higher education and practical institutions.

At the end of the forum, Wen Jun, a distinguished professor of Changjiang Scholars of the Ministry of education and Dean of the school of social development of East China Normal University, delivered a closing speech.

Closing speech by Wen Jun

In his speech, Wen Jun pointed out that the essence of education is to awaken the conscience and kindness of the whole society through the training of professional methods.

The forum is based on the dialogue between University researchers and practitioners. From a multi-dimensional perspective, the guests discussed what kind of public talents we need and what kind of possible appearance of public talents training in different levels and fields, which well echoed the forum theme of Sollen und Sein. At the same time, he put forward his hope for the future, hoping that on the basis of this forum, the next year's public welfare talent training forum will have a more differentiated development discussion.

Group photo of guests

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