Happiness No. 5 Youth Public Welfare Development Service Center

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Happiness No. 5 Youth Public Welfare Development Service Center is initiated and operated by Zijiang Foundation, and is the first public welfare center in China that is fully funded by Shanghai Zizhu National High-tech Industrial Development Zone to serve the national high-tech zone. Create the cultural atmosphere of the park, promote the career development of young people, pass on the concept of positive education, cultivate a healthy and sustainable lifestyle, and pay attention to the happier and happier growth of individuals, families and workplaces. Thereby promoting the overall corporate social responsibility of the park, helping to enhance the soft power of the park, and building a happy and happy park.

Vision: Every community participant has a healthy, active and sustainable sense of responsibility

Mission: Give full play to the collective influence of the platform, empower community participants, help enhance the soft power of the park, promote the construction of spiritual civilization, and build a happy and happy park



"Art" Project Drama Camp Review | Every exploration is a healing for the soul

On Jul. 9, Zijiang Foundation delivers subventions under the Rainbow Program for the secSeeing oneself, understanding oneself, gaining acceptance, meeting someone who understands oneself... These are the unremitting pursuits of many people. Especially when we experienced home epidemic prevention and life was "folded" for two months, the body broke free from the bondage and the soul was more eager to communicate.

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