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In view of the gap in non-profit organization undergraduate education in China, Zijiang Foundation and East China Normal University (ECNU) jointly launched ECNU Zijiang Charity Center. The center, backed by the faculty and platform of ECNU in the charity field, provides a set of optional courses and workshops on charity, among other programs, designed to foster interdisciplinary talents who have a strong sense of commonweal and social responsibility, have a good command of systematic knowledge of charity management, keep abreast with the latest developments inphilanthropic undertakings and are well grounded in charity management theories and practical skills.


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Inauguration of ECNU Zijiang Charity Center

Right after the beginning of the new year, the inauguration of ECNU Research Institute for Charity Management and ECNU Zijiang Charity Center is held in Yifu Building, Zhongbei Campus by Zijiang Foundation and ECNU on January 12.

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